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The soul behind all art and innovation

Genius is Latin for a guiding spirit; the soul behind all art and innovation. Each building, each maestro, has a genius. Swanky Genius offers trailblazing, fresh ideas to all.

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Then sign up to receive more information about Swanky Genius' one-on-one coaching, designed just for you!Swanky Genius is a woman owned initiative that is dedicated to inspiring artists. Peshah Ann, the founder, saw how many artists struggle to remain inspired and find ways to market their work, so she created Swanky Genius to truly help artists.

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About the Founder

Peshah Ann is the mind behind Swanky Genius. Having decades of experience in, but not limited to:

  • Art Therapy

  • Marketing Specialist

  • Corporate Trainer

  • Contributing financially ongoing to non-profit organizations and causes through her Community Projects program

  • Internet start-up companies

  • Graduate studies in Instructional Technology

  • Certificate in Electronic Commerce

  • Hand created jewelry line, sold in museums since 2014

  • Mental health therapist in psychiatric facilities, nursing homes and a high security prison

  • Featured in magazines, on television and podcasts

  • Taught workshops at military base and non-profit organizations

  • Worked within international corporations such as Dupont and Educational Testing Services

  • Traveled widely throughout the USA and Mexico, with time spent in Europe

  • Business development for artists and creators

  • Grant research

  • Author of Swanky Genius book series

  • Won best seamstress on the East Coast at age 11

  • Jewelry designer since 1987

  • Worked in genres of printmaking and fashion design

  • Originator of the 5 star 12:13 Jewelry line

With her experience in guiding companies, she was inspired to help artists who struggle to bring their creativity to the world, and their communities.